Jangan ‘tidur’ karena OBAT tidur!

Semangat Pagi!

Berikut adalah kutipan tulisan yang saya dapat dari http://wp.me/p1Hg2-8sf :

“I used to take sleeping pills,” he said, “and slowly boosted the number of pills I took. In the end, they had absolutely no effect on me, and I could have gulped any number of them, and still not have got to sleep. I repeatedly took such high dosages, I should have died. But I only ever vomited them up. Then I would be unable for days to pursue the least thought, and it was precisely this inability to think that got me through long periods of complete horror … You have to be careful you don’t end up living for longer than your natural lifespan,” he said …

Yang kalo boleh, saya mengartikannya begini.
Jika kita ditimpa masalah, lalu me ‘nyelesai’ kannya dengan mengambil jalan pintas, maka sama saja dengan menambah masalah baru. Masalah susah tidur misalnya, jangan dianggap bisa selesai…

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